Globalizing real estate sales.

iDrill is a e-commerce solution for real estate developers, brokers and realtors providing everything needed to sell new homes and condos online, from listing properties to managing transactions and payments.
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iDrill is a complete white label eCommerce platform for real estate developers.

Set up your online store

Create a free website for your project and customizing it to maintain your unique brand style within minutes.

Distribute real time inventory

Share and manage your inventory in graphic UI with real time availability to sell in multiple places.

All in one

iDrill takes care of everything from marketing automation and secure payments to security checks, standardized sales process and sales commisions.

Ground Control Dashboard

Easily manange, analyze and automate inventory, sales and commisions to grow and expand your business.

“Using iDrill we have seen amazing results!”

  • Increased sales by 115% yoy
  • Reduced our CAC by 78%
  • 85% reprocess cost reduction
  • More than 74 realtors selling the project simultaneaously
  • 12% Incrase in IRR, due to 25% project timeframe reduction.

Start using iDrill!

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What is iDrill?

iDrill is a complete eCommerce Platform for real estate developers.

With iDrill you can Start, Manage and Grow your Bussiness all in one place for anywhere, any time.

What are the benefits of using iDrill?

  • Set up and customize your onlne shop in minutes.
  • Increase direct sales and reduce intermediary fees.
  • Increase sales capabilities through automation.
  • Distribute real time inventory in multiple “points of sale” online.
  • Instant deal closure so you never miss an opportunity.
  • Increase conversión rates with data oriented sales.

How much does iDrill cost?

Start using it for free!
Pay only per transaction.

Can I use my own domain and/or website?

You can use your own domain name with iDrill.
If you have an existing website, you can connect it to iDrill from your store’s admin.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can buy one through a third-party provider.

If you don’t have a website you may create one completely free in iDrill.